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Now in private beta

Introducing the Kakbima

Seamless Integration, Huge Value

Our standard, premium, and enterprise API endpoints allows you to explore what’s possible in insurance

As we evolve the Kakbima API, we will be releasing our GraphQL changes incrementally — giving partner developers access to new endpoints as they’re ready. 

Early access endpoints are fully supported and ready for you to use in production. The first live endpoints are now available, and can be used for free at the new basic level, with an approved developer account. 

As we move through this early access stage, we will keep all integrations Kakbima first (we get to define the integration process) as we test and iterate our private beta version of the API.

How it works

We offer different options for integration with various levels of customization

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Full control over how information is collected from your users. Let your users get quotes, buy products, and even pay premiums, all from within your app.


Get Kakbima up and running with a single line of code.


Extend your customer’s insurance experience through your website’s CMS (WordPress plugin in alpha testing)


Pluggable integrations that can be used to enhance SDKs.

Our featured integrations

Platforms integrating with the Kakbima insurance platform

Connect your data, applications, and devices from across your business to be more efficient and productive.

Early access

Request early access and start building

    Trusted by businesses of all sizes

    Kakbima is the insurtech partner of choice to provide tools to connect insurers, distribution partners, and customers to transform the way insurance is bought, managed and sold.
    • Accept premium payments via mobile money, card, and direct bank deposit
    • Multiple currencies, languages and products supported
    • Distribute insurance via world-class platforms such as Kwirel
    • Build custom experiences with extensive Developer Docs
    • And lots more!

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